Buying & Selling on Market

Q. Who can sell on Market?
A. Anyone can sell products on MARKET- Just download the app on your Smartphone and register your store.

Q. What sort of products can be sold on Market?
A. You can sell (almost) everything on MARKET. But you should be following our [list]. You can sell products that are legal and do not violate any law, agreement or contract.

Q. How do I sell on Market?
A. It hardly takes less than a minute. Download the app and register your store. Click product pictures and describe your product. You can manually add the products or you can upload your product list from your device. Done, now interested buyers can see your products and contact you via the private chat feature on the mobile app!

Q. Can I sell used / second hand products?
A. Yes. But make sure you inform the buyers with accurate product conditions.

Q. What products are banned for selling on Market?
A. Please read our product guidelines. [list]

Q. What do I need to sell on Market?
A. All you need is a Smartphone on which you can download the MARKET App.

Q. How can I chat with customers/sellers?
A. MARKET allows you to chat with the customers. Once you select a, you can see the 'Chat & Buy' option. Here you can chat with the customer/seller.

Q. What are the terms and conditions for selling and buying on Market?
A. Please refer to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You should also check our Product Guidelines to enjoy hassle-free shopping and selling on MARKET.

Q. Who will issue the invoice?
A. Market platform does not issue any invoice. You can contact the seller for receipt and invoices.

Q. Is there any guarantee on products listed on MARKET?
A. Sellers may offer guarantee, warranty or other technical/service support depending on the products. MARKET does not provide any guarantee or any kind of service support on goods.

Payment & Shipment.

Q. How will goods be packed?
A. Seller will pack the goods himself/herself. The packaging can also be discussed between seller and buyer.

Q. What will be the procedure for delivery/shipment?
A. Seller may deliver the product to buyer's address. Or buyer may pick up goods from the seller's place. Any other arrangements can also be made depending on the agreement between buyer and seller.

Q. How can I pay for products and how can I collect the payment for sold goods?
A. We recommend cash payment. However, buyer and seller may choose various payment methods (Net banking, Wire Transfer, Credit/Debit Card/ Mobile Wallet etc.) depending on the suitability and their convenience.

Q. How can I deliver products to a customer located in other city/state?
A. You can send or receive goods by courier if it meets your requirement. Before you make such transactions, make sure that seller and buyers are agreed on the shipping/delivery charges. Make it clear that who'll bear the shipping charges to avoid any confusion.

Q. Does Market provide any integrated payment option?
No. Currently we do not provide any payment option. But we're working on it and you'll see the integrated payment option in future updates.

Using Market App

Q. How do I manage my products?
A. Your store is highly customizable. You can change or edit any information about your products on Market! From uploading new products to modifying the already listed products, you MARKET allows you to enjoy a great comfort in selling and buying.

Q. MARKET app is asking me for Business Name/Code ID, What is my login id?
A. It depends upon you, how you choose your name/code but remember by this name/code buyers will reach to you. And your registered email address will be your login id.

Q. How can I upload products on Market?
A. You can use the MARKET app to register your store where you can upload your products.

Q. Will my products be available on other e-commerce platforms?
A. MARKET is an independent marketplace. It connects you with thousands of buyers using the MARKET app itself.

Q. Do I need a bank account/credit card/debit card to purchase/sell products on Market?
A. No. Whether you have a bank account or you don't have one. You can buy/sell products on MARKET.